componentzee LLC

Masud Beroz
ComponentZEE LLC
We are developing a patent pending disruptive technology for making advanced contactors used in: Semiconductor wafer level testing probe cards, Quick connectors for robotics, Led light and functionality testing, RF high performance switches, General multiplexing switching devices, Semi conductor chip packages. What we are trying to solve: • The Z‐axis planarity issues the therefore probe contact force non‐uniformity issues.   • Probe card and semiconductor wafer electrode damage prevention • Cost: the current technologies are very cost inefficient, both in terms of the cost of manufacturing and the cost of operation.  The word semiconductor market size was $333B in 2014 and the cost of testing is 21‐25% of the total cost of the production. Our technology has the potential to decrease the cost to 10‐15% range. • I/O density. • Electrical performance • Cost of the operation and maintenance