3rd Rock Sunblock

Nandhini Narayanan
Non-petroleum Jelly alternative to topical antibiotics
Nutrasporin (currently branded as RASHblock) is poised to capitalize on consumer need for an oil-free, all natural alternative to petroleum jelly-based antimicrobial products, primarily in the personal healthcare space. This product offers a low cost, safe alternative to Neosporin® and other similar home healthcare brands. As Neosporin® has been shown ineffective against MRSA2, there is a significant need for a safer non-antibiotic first-aid ointment that soothes rashes and skin irritations. Nutrasporin'sTM formulation was discovered as a byproduct of a food grade edible ingredient sunscreen (3rd Rock Sunblock sunscreen) and consists of a chelated silver oxide suspended in a glycerin-based jelly derived entirely from plant-derived sources. Guerry Grune holds pending and granted patents covering both aspects of our product.