Dharmesh Jawarani
Silexta is developing safe, low cost, 3D solid-state batteries with 10x the capacity of existing thin film solid-state batteries.
Conventional Li-ion batteries in use today have liquid electrolytes which suffer from thermal runaway and safety issues. Furthermore, liquid electrolyte based Li-ion batteries do not lend themselves to miniaturization that is needed to enable Internet of Things (IoT) revolution where smart micro and nano-sensors, wearables, and industrial devices will be wirelessly connected, sometimes in harsh environments. Although solid-state batteries in use today are safe, but they are very expensive, have very low areal capacity, and are therefore inadequate to power wireless data transfer over WiFi networks. There is a critical need for a solid-state battery that has at least 10x capacity of current solid-state batteries to enable future wireless connectivity. Silexta is developing high capacity solid-state batteries to fulfill this need.