Vitasaphe, LLC

Bob Witter
Vitasaphe is a complete end-to-end system for personal emergency response services
Vitasaphe provides personal emergency response devices and services to assist in summoning help for emergency services personnel including firefighters, police officers, and medical responders. The device may also be used as an emergency assist device for others such as lone workers (hotel personnel, home nurses, realtors), students, nursing home patients and also for personnel use with aging parents or other loved ones. The system includes a small, battery powered, ruggedized locationing device with a single emergency button to summon help. Additionally, the device may be configured as a man-down device in which it automatically alerts on falls or lack of motion. It uses both cellular and WiFi and three different schemes to provide improved geo-locationing including altitude so that a person may be located to a specific floor of a building. The device may be remotely configured to alert one or more entities through text message and email, and may also be configured to alert on a press of the emergency button, or when triggered by one of several geo-locationing events such as leaving of entering a specific region. The system also includes a backend server application with user dashboard for easy configuration of the unit and routing of alert information.