Sky Van Iderstine
Formy uses 3D scanning and 3D printing to create the most comfortable and personalizable bike grips.
Formy Interfaces, LLC will enable a new way for bicycle enthusiasts to personalize their most prized possession by offering grips that are uniquely optimized for each user and their bicycle in terms of shape, firmness, and aesthetics. This is accomplished with the application of a patent pending shape-sensing device that can digitally capture the shape of the cyclist’s hands, and a 3D printer that can print custom grips in a flexible polymer in a variety of colors. Custom grips give cyclists more comfort and control by evenly distributing pressure across their palm; thus, reducing the maximum pressure felt by the user and increasing friction. They also allow cyclists to personalize their bikes with matching grips and a custom surface texture pattern. The customer can even choose how squishy they want their grip depending on what kind of terrain they ride their bike.