Nicotrax, Inc.

Kyle Linton
Nicotrax is a tech-based smoking cessation system that creates optimized cessation plans based on automatically collected behavioral data.
Nicotrax will bring smokers a more effective way to quit smoking by helping them find the best way to quit for them. We will do this by gathering personal smoking data on a level of detail that has never been done before. We will track when and where a smoker lights up to understand their unique habits. We will help them decide on a personalized cessation plan that fits them well and we will give them encouragement when the individual most needs it. The backbone of Nicotrax is the unique TrackPack, a smart cigarette case that a smoker will use by simply sliding in a regular cigarette pack. The TrackPack will send data wirelessly to a Smartphone application, which will track the smoker’s habits over time, display the data visually and will connect the user to friends and family through social media. We can and will be able to intervene before a smoker actually lights their cigarette.