Farmzie, Inc.

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Farmzie is a mobile, real-time inventory management system and mobile transactional platform for small farms.
Farmzie is a boot-strapped start-up headquartered in Raleigh, NC, born from learnings realized from an earlier effort launched in 2008 called Farmers Fresh Market (FFM). FFM, financed by a non-profit, was an online/virtual farmers market that connected farmers of rural North Carolina with restaurants and buying clubs in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area. FFM eventually grew to over 10 online markets (licensed to multiple non-profits) that serviced primarily the Carolinas. After signing up over 1000 farmers and successfully transacting with over 3000 customers we learned that the solution wouldn’t scale. Getting farmers to learn to use computers, learn how to access the internet and how to use digital cameras took too much time and cost. So from these learnings and more, we are launching Farmzie, a very easy to use mobile, real-time inventory management system (mobile app) and mobile transactional platform that scales availability of small farm inventory quickly while enabling individual and aggregate farm orders to be transacted in real-time. By making small farm inventory available electronically AND in real-time, Farmzie will help farms take advantage of more sales opportunities from more buyers than they are able to logistically reach today including wholesale distributors and major grocery chains.