Indexus Biomedical LLC

Chiranjit Deka
Indexus is developing a revolutionary IVD medical device to affordably bring advanced diagnostic testing closer to the primary care center
Indexus Biomedical LLC was founded in 2013 by Chiranjit Deka, a 20-year veteran innovator and entrepreneur in the medical device industry. We are developing a multifunction blood analyzer that will deliver amazingly broad diagnostic capabilities at an astonishingly low cost. This platform will perform an extensive menu of critical diagnostic tests for diagnosis and monitoring of a patient's health closer to the patient's home and primary care center. The test menu will range from complete blood count (CBC) to advanced diagnostic tests for infectious diseases (e.g., HIV, hepatitis) and from vector borne diseases (malaria, dengue encephalitis), to bio-marker based assays for chronic diseases (cardiac, kidney, liver diseases). This will be the first platform that combines hematology, cellular immunoassay and multiplexed bead-based immunoassay in one low-cost portable device. We are currently funded by NIH/NIAID for the advancing this product concept towards improving the diagnostic healthcare of HIV patients worldwide. We have built and currently operating our first prototype system at the First Flight Venture Center in RTP, North Carolina. In addition to the NIH SBIR grant from the NIH we received an SBIR Matching Fund Award from the State of North Carolina in 2014.