AbiliLife Inc

Noah Papas
AbiliLife is developing a smart brace for elderly customers with balance and postural instability to detect symptoms leading to falls.
Falling is one of the most common causes of injury and death among the elderly, with one out of three people falling at least once a year. This statistic is even more pronounced for Parkinson’s patients, a sub-set of this community. 90% report postural instability and balance (Wulf, Landers, Lewthwaite, & Töllner, 2009). AbiliLife’s mission is to create physical products to minimize the risk of falling and increase quality of life. Our defined product line contains two solutions to address posture, balance, and falls. The first product is an orthotic brace to improve balance and posture for consumers, particularly persons with Parkinson’s disease. This brace is novel as it is designed specifically for the biomechanics of persons with Parkinson’s. There are currently no back braces being sold that address this 1.5 million person U.S. market. The patent pending technology works by realigning the shoulders and the back shifting the body from a risky position to a healthy center of balance. In addition, those who wear the brace are more upright –enhancing a sense of well-being and dignity. The second product is a wearable technology that detects symptoms that lead to falls such as dehydration, low blood pressure, and fatigue. The technology is an integration of robotics, machine learning, and sensors to provide real-time information and a warning system for consumers. Big Launch is an enormous opportunity for AbiliLife. We have customer validation and interest in our products, and the competition funds will enable us to scale the brace product and sell it consumers. The team consists of Courtney Williamson (CEO) an organizational behaviorist who founded the company based on her experience as a caretaker for her mother who had Parkinson’s disease for 25 years; Sally Cunningham (COO) an experienced business manager and attorney; and Noah Papas (CTO) an experienced biomedical engineer.