CRUSHtacean Inc.

Chris Kepley
We have a patent-pending, cost effective, safe, and sustainable crustacean bait that will change how fishermen catch crab and lobster.
CRUSHtacean Inc was incorporated in Ringgold Va and plans on setting up its manufacturing and distribution facilities in the Dan River Business Development Incubator. We have tested our new bait several species of crab and it works better than current techniques thus the fishermen are beginning to demand it. Its safe as well as cost effective-no fish or other type of flesh is used for the product this sustainable. It is also ecologically friendly. Currently commercial fishermen use drift nets to catch their bait-thus we will save millions of dolphin, sea turtles, and seals (by-catch) forming caught in these nets. Lastly our market research has determined customers have availability problems using flesh-based bait. Our bait solves this problem. We have been invited by Shark Tank personnel to send them a video-this competition would be very similar and the video for Shark Tank is available.