Jenna Kilgore
We aim to increase the ease and efficacy of pre-hospital response of emergency medical response personnel.
We are a group of young, enthusiastic biomedical engineers whose mission is to design medical devices that bolster existing emergency medical care procedures by increasing the ease and efficacy of the pre-hospital response of emergency personnel. To achieve this goal, we have founded DeltaDose, an innovative enterprise capable of tackling the time sensitive restrictions of medication delivery by emergency responders. Our initial offering is a pivotal device which accurately doses and delivers medication safely and swiftly. By reducing the time required to deliver medication, DeltaDose will improve the quality of emergency medical care. DeltaDose is already gaining widespread support, receiving funding from IdeaFest 2015 (First Place and Audience Choice) and requests to apply for government funding through the Department of Defense. (Applications for funding are still under review.)